Breakfast with my boys

I went to say goodbye to the kids last night. They greeted me with smiles and big hugs! Oh, how I've missed them! We hung out, I read to them. Dr Seuss of course. I got them The Lorax. We actually saw that movie together when it came out. Then we had dinner and I gave them their individual gifts. 

Rhys got a cup like this: 


And Neo one like this: 

Tate got a special plate: 

They all loved their gifts! I was so happy. After we had dessert Tate still wanted toast so he could use his new plate. They got ready for bed and I read some more for them, this time from the other book I got them: George's marvelous medicine. They love all Roald Dahl's books. 

Next: cuddles! I love tucking these boys in! They are the best cuddlers ever. I lay with each one of them, talking for a bit and singing to them. They wanted me to sleep over but settled for me coming over for breakfast. I was there at 6.45 this morning. Their plates and cups already on the table. I wanted to give them gifts they can use for a long time, I think I succeeded :)

I dropped them off at school and we had a nice walk, just the four of us. They asked me if I could come after school and hang out but I think I'll drop by tomorrow and say goodbye. They are just too sweet! I love them so much!




Postat av: Anders Göranzon

And you are, as always, the best!

2013-06-19 @ 16:58:54
Postat av: Anders Göranzon

And you are, as always, the best!

2013-06-19 @ 17:00:02
Postat av: Elisabet

Att skiljas är att dö en smula, men åh så många minnen du har att bevara i ditt hjärta och säkert ett antal lärdomar också!

2013-06-19 @ 21:11:41

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