Love, kärlek

Today I saw my host children again. After about 5 months apart. I got to spend almost the whole day with them. It was just like the old days, but better. We read books, I made them lunch, we played UNO, went to the park and then when their parents got home I had dinner with them.

The day was simply amazing but I think the highlight was when I got to tuck them in. Children can be so difficult sometimes but when it comes to that moment of the day when you get to just hold them, sing to them and tell them how unique and wonderful they are, you forget all about the frustrations of the day and just realize how much you love them. 

I love these boys so much I sometimes don't know what to do with all the love. It just overflows. 



From the Cape


My loves

This past Saturday I went to the Cape to visit my kids. What a fun time! After seeing them almost every day for about 2 years it's been tough not having them around. Love these crazy little kids! <3 

Neo "photobombing"

Awesome tackle

Loving his new straw I brought from Sweden

My baby

Love them!

Pasta making witht the one and only


Träffade Nikki igår för att laga mat och umgås Vi gjorde pasta från scratch! Så himla kul och riktigt gott. Åh vad jag har saknat henne!

My boys

New friends

It was sunny
We had a picnic
They had guitars
We wanted music
It was Austin
It was Awesome


A little bit of gold...

I found a dress in Austin, I just couldn't resist it...

 Picture taken in Las Vegas.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”








Because when I miss Boston, I look at pictures.



Looking back some more...







To part is to die a little

Looking back part 1:



Breakfast with my boys

I went to say goodbye to the kids last night. They greeted me with smiles and big hugs! Oh, how I've missed them! We hung out, I read to them. Dr Seuss of course. I got them The Lorax. We actually saw that movie together when it came out. Then we had dinner and I gave them their individual gifts. 

Rhys got a cup like this: 


And Neo one like this: 

Tate got a special plate: 

They all loved their gifts! I was so happy. After we had dessert Tate still wanted toast so he could use his new plate. They got ready for bed and I read some more for them, this time from the other book I got them: George's marvelous medicine. They love all Roald Dahl's books. 

Next: cuddles! I love tucking these boys in! They are the best cuddlers ever. I lay with each one of them, talking for a bit and singing to them. They wanted me to sleep over but settled for me coming over for breakfast. I was there at 6.45 this morning. Their plates and cups already on the table. I wanted to give them gifts they can use for a long time, I think I succeeded :)

I dropped them off at school and we had a nice walk, just the four of us. They asked me if I could come after school and hang out but I think I'll drop by tomorrow and say goodbye. They are just too sweet! I love them so much!





In Austin we visited a real cowboy boots and hat store. I had to try some on, and I had to take a picture. At the airport we saw a guy wearing a cowboy hat. And he had a bag in his hand with a spare one... Haha! Always good to have :) 

Awesome Austin

Parkhopping became barhopping in Austin...

Att slappna av

jag har semester! Det känns eftersom jag bara slappnar av totalt. Visst jag har haft mina enveckors semestrar här och där under dessa två år men det är först nu som jag är helt ledig. 
Jag njuter! 

On my way...

Tomorrow my travel month starts. Miami, Orlando, Austin, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York City. In just about 3 weeks. I can't wait! For the last couple of days I've been packing, ALOT. 

I came to the US with 1 bag, I'm leaving with 3. This is going to be difficult, in every way. 

Surprise visit from Tanja and Jorge!

Last night I went to have some fro yo with my Boston Touch team. And who showed up? La Alemana y Ataca. The best of the best! Love being part of this family! <3

Lek med barnen! Fler bilder kommer sen

10 maj

Mitt rum är nu tomt. Den nya au pairen är här, Patrik. Det känns konstigt att det snart är slut. Men jag får väl tänka att det är ett nytt blad som jag kan fylla med en massa roligt... Snart är jag i Miami med syrran. Längtar! 

Tate's second special day


Today Tate doesn't have school. So far we've been to the Museum of Science. Next is the Library and then baking chocolate chip cookies. This is a good day!

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